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Kiplyn Davis

Kiplyn Davis was last seen on May 2, 1995, at her high school in Spanish Fork, Utah. She is known to have attended morning classes and was seen at lunchtime while eating with friends. However, Davis did not show up for her fourth and fifth period classes. All of her personal belongings and books were found in her school locker. Now after 10 years there may be a break in the case.

Kiplyn Davis. - Just Another Normal Teenager's Day:

On May 2, 1995, 15-year-old Kiplyn Davis was doing what many other high school sophomores in her hometown of Spanish Fork were doing - excited about getting her driver's license, she attended an early morning driver's education class. She then followed her regular class schedule, stopping for a lunch break where she joined her friends. There were only fourth and fifth period classes to get through and school would be over for the day. But, Kiplyn did not show up for her last two classes.

Kiplyn Is Reported Missing:

Kiplyn also failed to come home after school. The Davis' home was just eight blocks from Spanish Fork High School and when it got to be 5 p.m. and there was still no sign of Kiplyn her parents reported her to the police as missing. They knew something was wrong, because it was not like Kiplyn to not report home or confer with them about her plans.

Poor Profiling:

Authorities felt because of an argument Kiplyn had with her parents about school and because of her age, she fit the runaway profile. Her parents did not agree and described Kiplyn as a young woman who was happy with life. She was excited about getting her driver's license and the future events surrounding her sister's wedding. Investigators did not agree and did not go public to ask for help in finding the young woman until two weeks after she was first reported missing.

Rumors Roll In:

All of Kiplyn's personal belongings, including her purse, were found in her school locker. Friends reported having lunch with her and provided the police detailed descriptions of what she was wearing. Unconfirmed reports of her being seen in a car on Main Street in Spanish Fork, around the time she was first missing, filtered in. Days turned into weeks and weeks into months and Kiplyn Davis never came home. To friends and family, it was as if she simply vanished.

A Late Plea For Help :

After several months passed and Davis remained missing the police the police changed from treating her case as a runaway, but instead as a young woman who met with foul play. Rumors circulated in the city of 22,000 that her body was buried in a canyon, but her remains were never found. As months turned to years the Davises became convinced that their beautiful daughter, with bright blue eyes and curly long hair, had been brutally raped and murdered by boys most likely known to her.

"Without a Trace":

Four years after Kiplyn was last seen alive her parents held a memorial for her and placed a marker for her at the Spanish Fork City Cemetery. In July 2003, eight years after she vanished, her case was revisited in a feature on the missing person segment on the CBS show, "Without a Trace." The police never officially closed the case and the FBI added Kiplyn to the missing person's page.

10 Years and Finally a Break:

In February 2005, rumors in Spanish Fork again circulated that police had solved the case of Kiplyn Davis. Police denied the rumors but people kept talking. Then on April 29, 2005, almost 10 years to the date that Kiplyn was last seen, the police announced a break in the case. Scott Brunson was arrested and charged with perjury and lying to a federal agent about Kiplyn Davis.

Scott Brunson - Arrest Number One:

Brunson, 28, who was 18 and a senior at Spanish Fork High School when Davis disappeared, was indicted by a federal grand jury on perjury and lying to a federal agent about an unidentified person, for whom he allegedly provided a false alibi. Authorities say the unnamed person asked Brunson to say they were together, doing some roofing work the day Kiplyn disappeared.

Garry Blackmore - Arrest Number Two:

On August 11, 2005, there was another arrest in the case. Garry Blackmore was indicted by the federal grand jury on perjury charges. He was indicted on four counts of giving false or fictitious statements to the FBI and one count of perjury before a federal grand jury. Prosecutors say in 1977, Blackmore and an unnamed person approached another individual and asked for help in removing a body of a female. The body is believed to have been Kiplyn Davis. Timmy Brent - Arrest Number 3: A third arrest was made in in September 2005. Timmy Brent Olsen, 28, was indicted by the federal jury on multiple counts of perjury in connection with Davis' disappearance. Prosecutors say they have 70 witnesses to call who are willing to counter Olsen's plea of innocence. According to Olsen's attorney, a possible settlement with prosecutors may be in the works.
Christopher Jeppson - Arrest Number 4: A fourth man, Christopher Neal Jeppson, 28, was indicted on Monday, October 31, 2005 on nine felony charges of lying to the FBI and the grand jury about his knowledge in Davis' disappearance. Jeppson alleges that he was setting up lights and sound at the school auditorium the day Davis vanished. The prosecutors do not believe his alibi.
More arrests in the case may be forthcoming. It took ten years for a break in the case and prosecutors are confident that they are close to solving the crime. Authorities now believe Kiplyn Davis was raped and murdered and many who knew her, or knew of the murder, helped cover up the crime.

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